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Tirupati Metro Mall, Visnagar

Structure :
R.C.C frame structure with brick wall with earthquake building.
Wall Finish :
Internal Smooth Cement Finish Plaster With Cement Putty External Texture Plaster With Cement Paint
Flooring :
Vitrified Tiles Flooring In All Shop and Office.
Door :
Office and rolling shutter in shop with oil paint in each office.
Window :
Powder coated aluminum windows with glass
Electrification :
Good Quality Concealed Copper Wiring.
Plumbing & Sanitation :
Good Quality Of Fitting With G.I.Pipes / P.V.V. PIPES.

  • All Right Reserved By The Developers To Make Any Changes in Plans, Elevation, Specifications And Any Other Details.
  • No External Changes Will Be Allowed.
  • Additional Construction Work Is Not Permitted Against Construction Permission.
  • Internal Changes Will Be Allowed With Prior Pemission And Shall Be Extra in Advance.
  • Irregular Payment may Cause Cancellation Of Booking or 1.5% Interest Or New Book Value Will Be Charged As Per Company Policy.
  • Loan Papers Are Available.
  • This Brochure Is Not a part Of Legal Document. It Is only For Information & Private Circulation.
  • Measurements Are Indicative only.
  • All Legal Charges, Stamp Duty, Municipal, Construction Agreement, G.E.B. Connection And Other Govt. Charges Shall Be Paid by the Member.
  • Service Tax Shall Be Paid By The Member.
  • Maintenance Deposit To Be paid By The Member.