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Tirupati Nand Vihar, Palanpur

Structure :
R.C.C. Frame Structurer With Brick Masonry
Wall Finish :
Internal Single Coat Mala Finish Plaster With Distemper Paint And External Double Coat Plaster With Weather Shield Water Resistant Paint
Flooring :
Granamite Flooring 2'.0"*2'.0"
Kitchen :
Sandwich platform with Granite top, S.S. Sink and dedo up to lintal level on the platform.
Bath W/C :
Ceramic Tiles Flooring And Dado Up to Lintel Level Of Glazed Tiles
Plumbing :
Good Quality Plumbing Fittings pipes.
Electrification :
Good quality of accessories and copper wiring, with minimum 3.5 points in each room including one point of T.V. Freeze, Mixer and Telephone.
Doors :
Decorative Main Door And Other Flush Doors
Windows :
Fully Glazed Aluminum Windows With Safety Bars.
Lift :
One Lift Per Block
Electrification :
Good Quality Accessories Eith Copper Wiring With Sufficient Points.
Terrace :
Water Proofing Treatment With China Mosaic

  • Internal R.C.C. Road.
  • Developed Common Plot With Children Play Area.
  • Lift For Each Block.
  • Underground Water Tank & Overhead Water Tank For Each Block.
  • Security Cabin.
  • society Boundry With Compound Wall & Attractive entrance Gate.
  • Ample Parking For Each Block.

  • All Right Reserved By The Developers To Make Changes In Plans, Elevation, Specification And Any Other Details.
  • No External Changes Will Be Allowed.
  • Additional Construction Work Is Not Permitted Against Construction Permission.
  • Internal Changes Will Be Allowed With Prior Permission And Shall Be Extra In Advance.
  • Flat Should Be Used Only For Residential Purpose.
  • Irregular Payment May Cause Cancellation Of Booking Or 1.5% Interest Or New Book Value Will Be Charged As Per Company Poilcy.
  • Loan Papers Are Available.
  • This Brochure Is Not a Part Of Legal Document. It Is Only for Information & Private Circulation.
  • Measurements Are indicative Only.
  • Membership Of Society Is Compulsory To All Members.
  • All Legal Charges, Stamp Duty, Municipal, Construction Agreement, G.E.B. Connection And other New GoVt. Charges Shall Be Paid by the Member.
  • Service Tax Shall Be Paid By the Member.
  • Maintenance Deposit To Be Paid By The Member.